Why Exaplast Stretch Film?

Strecth films we produce with the latest technology keep palletized products safely together during transportation or storage. It protects from external influences such as dust, water, dirt and damage. It is economical for packaging. Thanks to its excellent adhesiveness, it is easily wrapped on the pallet and is a lightweight material. It is the best and economical solution in terms of protecting your palletised products against damage during storage and transportation.

  • It is suitable for manual and automatic use.

  • It is produced with 5 and 7 layer Cast Film Technology.

  • Adhesive single or double sided.

  • Slippery from inside or outside.

  • It is resistant to puncture or tearing.

  • It is transparent and shiny.

  • Recyclable.

  • It can be produced in different colors.


El Tipi Streç
Makine Tipi Streç
Super Power ve Jumbo Tipi Streç



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