Our Quality Policy

  • To increase our capacity of continuous production and product variety,

  • To meet the demands of our customers every time, to evaluate the development opportunities that arise in the most effective way and to ensure the continuous improvement of the quality management system,

  • To give the best quality service by focusing our customers’ satisfaction,

  • Production in hygienic environment by using advanced technologies,

  • To comply with legal regulations and to be followers,

  • Protecting the environment with production, distribution, disposal practices, measures to reduce natural resource consumption and the principle of preventing pollution,

  • Not to be content with maintaining our current situation, but to determine continuous improvement at every point as our basic philosophy,

  • With the support of our employees, Exaplast’s quality policy is to become a wanted brand in our industry, to fully meet expectations and to be the preferred company in this way.


El Tipi Streç
Makine Tipi Streç
Super Power ve Jumbo Tipi Streç



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